• It’s my first day back home after being at H3 for 10 days and after being inspired by Beth to walk our pets, my husband and I loaded our two cavaliers up this morning and took them walking at the park in our city. It was wonderful and they enjoyed it more than we did. Time passed so much quicker too! Thanks for the inspiration!

    From Lisa Moore
    May 5, 2011

Try a Canine Personal Trainer

Beth and Zane enjoying an afternoon bike ride

Beth and Zane enjoying an afternoon bike ride

Are you having trouble staying on track with your physical activity?  Are you reluctant to hire Hans, the muscle-bound, drill-sergeant-like personal trainer at your gym?  If so, you may want to try a 4-legged personal trainer.  Dogs who love to walk or run make fabulous exercise partners. 

 My two big dogs, Zane and Snowie, are so eager to go that they will jump onto the sofa, cover my face with kisses, and plant their paws on my computer keyboard until I get up to walk them.  They are used to their walking schedule, and they know when it’s time to go.  When it’s cold and rainy, I would be tempted to stay in bed if it weren’t for my dogs, who bounce off the walls and drive me crazy if they don’t get enough exercise.  So I put a raincoat on Snowie, a backpack on Zane (to tire him out even more), and we head out the door. 

 If you prefer to ride a bicycle, there’s a fabulous contraption (the Springer bicycle jogger) that allows you to bring your dog along and keep both hands on the handlebars.  Don’t have a dog?  Borrow your neighbor’s dog, foster a dog from an animal shelter or rescue group, or walk dogs at your local animal shelter.  Many of the shelter dogs rarely get out of their kennels and would love an opportunity to explore the world. 

 Research has shown that petting a dog or cat reduces blood pressure.  Take advantage of a little canine or feline therapy to reduce your stress.

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