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Top Fitness Trends for 2013

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has released its seventh year of results (listed below) detailing the anticipated fitness trends for 2013.  ACSM compiles information from thousands of fitness professionals worldwide and ranks them in to the Top 20 overall.  Similar to previous ACSM fitness trends surveys the respondents were asked to make the important distinction between a “fad” and a “trend.”  We here at H3 have been years ahead of the curve in each of the categories, offering fitness sessions that are constantly cutting edge.  

This year’s list includes three new additions:  Body Weight Training, Outcome Measurements and Circuit Training.  It’s better late than never for Body Weight and Circuit Training.  These two types of exercise are some of our favorites.  What are your favorite trends that are expected to expand in 2013?

  1. Unprecedented Job Growth in Educated, Certified and Experienced Fitness Professionals
  2. Strength Training
  3. Body Weight Training
  4. Exercise for Overweight and Obese Children
  5. The Importance of Exercise in Caloric Restriction Programs
  6. Fitness Programs for Older Adults
  7. Personal Training
  8. Functional Fitness Programs
  9. Core Training
  10. Group Personal Training
  11. Worksite Health Promotion
  12. Zumba and Other Dance Workouts
  13. Outdoor Activities
  14. Yoga
  15. Worker Incentive Programs
  16. Boot Camp
  17. Outcome Measurements to Evaluate Fitness Progress
  18. Circuit Training
  19. Reaching New Markets
  20. Wellness Coaching
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