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Top 8 Hilton Head Health Moments of 2010

Here are eight of the many amazing moments in 2010.  What were your top H3 moments of 2010?  Relive your experience in the comments section!

Yoga Retreat

8.  Yoga Retreat – On May 15th, 2010 we completed our first ever yoga retreat with Karen Verechia.  It was an enormous success!  The three magnificent days were spent practicing various styles of yoga in some of the most beautiful and tranquil places on Hilton Head Island including: White Point on Pinckney Island, Lake Joe in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, and a barren tidal island in the middle of the May River.

7.  The Return of Jeff and Jen – Jeff Ford and Jen Welper both returned to Hilton Head Health in 2010.  Jeff, previously a program intern in the fall of 2009, became a full-time fitness specialist in May 2010.  It was a no brainer to invite Jeff back to H3 after how well received he had been the previous fall.  His passion for Health and Fitness is infectious!  Jen Welper left Hilton Head Health en route to Chicago in 2008, but realized that H3 was her home away from home.  So, in 2010 when the position of executive chef reopened, Jen Welper was the obvious shoe-in.  Both Jeff and Jen added a tremendous amount of experience and enthusiasm to an already incredible H3 team.

Hilton Head Health

6.  New Pool and Front Entrance – In the early spring of 2010 we opened a brand new state-of-the-art swimming pool.  The geothermal heating system combined with mineral filtration and zero degree entry was the first pool of its kind on Hilton Head Island.  The nearly 25-meter pool’s rectangular shape gave H3 the ability to start teaching a variety of new classes.  Oh and let’s not forget the new Hot Tub that had been a desire of repeat guests for years.  About two months later we finished the world class front entrance, fountain and sitting area.

5.  H3 Direct and Our First Corporate Wellness Client – The Zeigler Group, an auto dealer in the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo area of Michigan, became our first ever corporate wellness client.  The owner, Harold Zeigler, and his son visited H3 and wanted a way to start implementing the healthy tactics in their workplace.  They enlisted the help of H3 by bringing the experts to their employees.  Bob Wright and I each gave two days of lectures to hundreds of their motivated employees.  Soon they were dropping pounds and getting fit.  H3 Direct was born and interest in the now nationwide program blossomed.

4.  Two Brand-Spanking-New Sister Websites, H3Daily.com and HHHealth.com – If you’ve been reading H3Daily.com for a while you know that it’s gone through a major overhaul as well as an overall improvement in content.  Video, recipes, workouts and articles are now published daily, keeping our guests and their network of friends and family well-informed and motivated.  Then, four weeks ago we unveiled the new flagship HHHealth.com website.  Its combination of strategic organization, design, improved photo content and revamped testimonials page have given potential guests a true representation of what Hilton Head Health is all about.

3.  Wellness Coaching – All six of H3’s Health Specialist’s spent 13 weeks in an intensive wellness coach training program developed by a world-renowned Harvard professor and accredited by the Gold-Standard organization in health and fitness, the ACSM.  The program has improved our in-house individual coaching sessions that every new guest receives, but has also spawned an entire new sector of lifestyle advancement that H3 we’ll be fully unveiling in 2011.  The program includes phone coaching for departing guests that’s expected to drastically improve their opportunity for long-term success. 



2.  The Filming of the Upcoming HEAVY Documentary for A&E – If you were here this past summer you likely had the opportunity to meet twelve incredible individuals that spent six months at H3 transforming their lives.  Fortunately, for those of you that didn’t get to meet the gang, the entire transformation was captured by Tijuana Entertainment and is set to air throughout the next 3 months starting January 17th, 2010 at 10 pm on A&E.

Devins Dash

1.  Devin’s Dash 5k – In 2010 we lost our beloved massage therapist Devin Schaffer to cancer.  But, his battle brought hundreds of family and friends together on Saturday, October 16th, 2010 in a day that can only be described as divine.  His presence was certainly felt along the 3.1 mile running route in Shipyard Plantation.  The turnout was astounding and the over $10,000 raised for the American Cancer Society was a testament to the impact that Devin had on so many lives.  There is no question that the top moment of 2010 at Hilton Head Health was the race in honor of such a beautiful individual.

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