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    From Ben Sullins
    July 27, 2010

The Newest Craze: CrossFit

Maybe you have heard the talk on the street, or maybe you have seen Adam and Jeff’s training photos on their Facebook pages. Eitherway, CrossFit is the newest fitness trend.  All over the nation CrossFit gyms are exploding and helping athletes of every age and ability improve their overall fitness.


Here at H3, the fitness team is in talks of potentially adding a CrossFit training exucrsion to our weekly schedule. Hilton Head Island’s very own CrossFit Hilton Head just opened and we want to get involved.  Not only to immerse you in with local athletes, but to help broaden your experience in every type of fitness option available. We are excited and eager to share this opportunity with you, if and when it advances.  Until then, sit tight and read below as CrossFit Hilton Head helps to better your understanding of the basics of CrossFit.


CrossFit is…

Fun! CrossFit (CF) workouts are constantly varied.   Rarely will you do the same routine twice.  These workouts are conducted in a group environment and usually timed. 

Safe! Cross Fit is a personal and group training program concentrating on core strength and conditioning. Every CF session is conducted by a certified Coach or Trainer. Think of it like this: you have your own personal trainer all the time and you pay nothing extra.

Effective! Because our workouts are constantly varied and based in functional- i.e. “everyday”- movements, CF helps every one of its clients look better, feel better, be fit, be healthy, have less pain and have more energy!


What do you think?  Would you like to learn more about CrossFit with H3?


Also, check out this YouTube video from Cross Fit Cleveland:

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