• Seems very reasonable. i will try it !!

    From Brent Whitis
    August 16, 2011

  • lucky me, I live on a coconut farm! The key is to drink the really young ones that are all water and have very low caloric count. Yum! They are good for so many ills and are surely the nectar of the Gods

    From Merlyn Ruddell
    August 18, 2011

The Claim: For Better Hydration, Drink Coconut Water

coconut milk

Prior to this past year, few health savvy Americans had heard of coconut water. However, as the year gently unfolds, coconut water sales have skyrocketed; this largely due to the athletic community and its reputation as a healthful natural source of electrolytes. Pure coconut water contains many electrolytes and sodium. As we know dehydration is the loss of water and salts essential for normal body function. Consequently high intensity exercise and excessive sweating eliminates some essential sodium, hence coconut water to the rescue.

The New York Times brought to our attention that many commercial varieties of coconut water contain less sodium than that of which is found in the juice straight from the actual coconut. But in our world of “convenience first” the commercial varieties are the accessible and easier option. Times also stated that an 8.5 ounce serving of Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water contains 30 milligrams of sodium and 15 grams of carbohydrates. An eight-ounce serving of Gatorade Pro 02 Perform is comparable in carbohydrates, measuring in at 14 grams, however contains 200 milligrams of sodium. So now shall we conclude that Gatorade is the better option?

Information regarding sports drinks and hydration always has been and will remain very controversial. The New York Times reported that researchers conducted a study that required subjects to run in hot temperatures for 90 minutes. Post (two hour) exercise hydration plain water, sports drink, coconut water, and sodium-enriched coconut water were evaluated. While all subjects remained still somewhat dehydrated, the sodium-enriched coconut water worked just as well as the sports drink. So now can we conclude coconut water is just as efficient in hydration as Gatorade?

I think we have to be mindful when making choices regarding hydration. We have to take into consideration the event or what it is that we are hydrating for. Are we preparing for a race, an athletic event, or just a simple stroll in the park? Are we using the hydration method post race, event, etc.? All of which should factor in to our decision. Personally, I deem coconut water has other healthful benefits beyond athletic hydration- all of which can be discussed at a later date. Until then I encourage you to post your thoughts, info and insight on the trendy controversial drink.

In conclusion- one thing I caution you, the general consumer, to bear in mind when hydrating. Sports drinks serve a purpose among elite athletes and those who exercise for longer periods of time or in intense conditions. Those who exercise at a moderate intensity for an hour or less, eliminate the confusion…WATER, as Bob Wright would put it, is the “BEST” option!

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