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The Benefits are in the Bag

An excerpt


To show our support to one of the most popular weeks of the year on Hilton Head Island, the Heritage Golf Tournament, let’s tee off with a few health benefits of hitting the links. 

Grab your clubs and go – but leave the cart at home.  One hour of golf (walking and carrying clubs) burns between 300 and 350 calories.  Placing this into perspective, a study done by “Golf Science International” found that a typical round of golf (about 4 hours) is equal to an intense 45 minutes of aerobic exercise.  Walking a golf course is good for your health, good for the course’s health and good for the game’s health.

Improve your strength and core by carrying your own clubs.  Walking and hauling a set of golf clubs supports a strong skeleton and can prevent osteoporosis because it’s a weight-bearing exercise. Additionally, your muscular endurance will improve based off time spent on the links and even your flexibility thru swinging the sticks. 

Golf is a great stress reliever.  How can you beat a gorgeous day on the course?  Surrounded by trees, lagoons and fresh air, there is nothing better to relieve your daily stress.  The golf course not only tests your skills, but allows you time to let go within a peaceful environment.

You’ll sleep better.   Exercise has been proven to help individuals sleep better. Activities like golf certainly fall into the category of moderate exercise and this combined with a long day on the fairways will improve your overall quality of sleep.

All in all, golf is a timeless sport perfect for those of all fitness levels and ages.  Remember – the benefits are in the bag.

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