• Great post Jeff! Beach walks are my favorite way to start the day at H3!

    From Jessica
    September 29, 2009

Take Strides at Sunrise

By: Jeff, H3 Program Intern

The morning alarm clock … nothing better than hearing that buzz, beep, or radio echo is there? Naturally we would rather hear many other sounds at that 7 a.m. hour of the morning, but luckily we can take advantage of that snooze button! Unfortunately, while we’re snoozing others are strolling to the sunrise and making the most of their morning march.


Here at Hilton Head Health, Guests have the opportunity to fully utilize their time and walk one of the best beaches in South Carolina.  The H3 experience is one of a kind and every day begins with a breathtaking sunrise beach walk.  Many of our guests find beach walks to be one of their favorite experiences of the program, and in actuality use the time to prepare mentally for the day ahead of them.  Among other things it’s also a great way to socialize with one another in a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

So here’s your morning motivation to take those strides at sunrise:

–  Walking on the beach uses almost double the energy as walking on the street

–  Some studies have shown that an average adult burns 25% or more calories walking wave side verses on a hard surface  

–  The uneven levels of the beach improves balance and coordination

–  Reduces pressure on the largest joints in your body (the knees)

–  Boosts your mood and diminishes stress

Not only is striding by the sunrise invigorating, but springing up out of the sack can really pay huge dividends for your health.



To put it simply, a guest (who by the way never misses a beach walk) once said to me “I enjoy beach walks, they are what I do … an awesome way to start the day.”

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