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Spend Valentine’s Day this year with the one you love – breaking a sweat!


Kathy and husband, Jay


It’s often been said that two birds of a feather stick together – which holds true for exercise.  Research has shown that those who exercise with a partner are more likely to stick with it than those who don’t.  Working out with a partner makes it easier to stay motivated because you have an outside source of support and encouragement.  (Plus – when you have someone to talk to, it always makes the time go by faster!)


Not only will exercising with your significant other allow you to establish a routine healthy habit, but it gives you more quality time together to bond. 


H3 Guest, Kathy Irving puts it best, “My husband and I have very different interests and found that attending this program together gave us a chance to bond, re-connect and spend time together.  I’ve enjoyed having the mutual support both here and back home- it’s something that we can take with us and share.”


So this Sunday, if you aren’t here at H3, you can still sneak in the time to do something active and fun on Valentine’s Day. 


Here are a few ideas:

– Go biking. (And no, you don’t have to ride a double seater!)

– Go ice skating. 

– Try a new sport. 

– Go for a scenic walk through the park.

– Make a gym date.

– Go dancing!

– Partner Yoga.

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