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Say “OM” instead of “AHHH!”

H3 Beach Yoga

Are you stressed? Emotional stress from daily life often contributes to a wider spectrum of physical stresses: things like muscle tension and constricted breathing. Because of its impact on the circulatory system, stress is voluntarily linked to cardiovascular disease. Efforts to alleviate physical and emotional stress may help to reduce your risk of heart disease and other illnesses. Studies show that YOGA, like many forms of physical activity, can actually help relieve stress!

Yoga reduces stress by encouraging deep, rhythmic breathing. It also promotes relaxation by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to each part of the body. Yoga has psychological benefits as well. Obstacles encompassing weight gain/loss/and or maintenance can sometimes bring with it a great deal of harsh self-judgment. Through yoga, we can counteract this by creating a safe, positive environment to reconnect with our bodies and quiet the counterproductive messages that often arise in our minds a.k.a. “monkey mind” as Karen Verechia, H3 Yoga Instructor, calls it.

So, whether you are a yoga enthusiast or simply interested in learning the techniques, H3’s upcoming three-day yoga workshop held September 16-19, will help to completely immerse you into the world of yoga.  You will have the opportunity to practice a wide array of yoga poses, while experiencing and learning about all of its health benefits. So what are you waiting for? Join us for this refreshing, balancing and rejuvenating retreat! 

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