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Re-Creation Through Recreation

from Alex Santa, Guest Services Intern Spring 2013

What motivated you at H3? Maybe it was the group classes, catching up with friends on a Thermal Walk™, or running a 5k for the first time in an unfamiliar wilderness. Whatever the case, you chose to enjoy your experience while being physically active.

Continuing these amazing feelings of confidence and self worth can also be felt outside of Hilton Head Health. Personally, I find it difficult to maintain a strict 1200 meal plan, prepare three gourmet meals daily, make time for at least one cardio group exercise and strength train every day. Consistency between H3 life and home life can be a challenge, but recreation is one area that everyone can control.

Finding things that you enjoy that happen to also be active calorie burning workouts will become part of your life with little force. Here are some tips that can make transitioning into a more enjoyable active leisure regime possible.

  • Find a walking partner or support team. Friends and chatting help pass the time and create a more enjoyable duty.
  • Challenge yourself through recreation. Set a goal and build your way up.  
  • Create a goal that appeals to your interests but requires a commitment. Examples may include the following;
    • Hike a new nature trail each week. Collect the trail maps and log your distance.
    • Participate in a 5k each month. Record your time on the runner number banner and seek improvement with each consecutive race.
    • Try a new sport or activity each weekend that involves healthy movement; kayaking, paddle boarding, Frisbee golf, trampoline jumping etc.
  • Organize and design your personal activity pyramid. Choose activities that excite you. Visual reminders are an excellent tool for picturing your goals.


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