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Around the halls of Hilton Head Health, I’m starting to see our guests getting hungry, race hungry that is!  Over the past couple of months, guests have been none stop racing, participating in multiple 5-K’s and even a sprint triathlon.  I think it’s important to point out that doing something for the first time is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.  We are truly creatures of habit and as we get caught up in the daily grind, we tend to forget about branching out.  Today is a call out to all of our amazing guests that have participated in local races, way to represent!

H3 Guests at Firecracker July 4th 5K

H3 Guests at Firecracker July 4th 5K


As a runner, I am very passionate about sharing race experiences with our guests and my favorite memories all fall back to introducing our new H3 family members to the race scene.  Nothing is more incredible than seeing an individual cross their first finish line.  I have written posts in the past about race experiences, but today I want to set you up for success on race day by answering some of the common questions that may come to mind before the starting gun sounds.

Where should I line up?

If it’s your first race, I suggest lining up towards the back. The goal is to finish the first time and then you’ll gradually progress wanting to run or set a PR (personal record). 

Should I wear the race T-shirt before the race?

I hate to say it, but superstition says its bad luck.  Besides, most race T-shirts are made of sweat absorbing cotton. Save it to change into after the race!

Should I try and run as fast as everyone else at the start?

This is the number one thing that affects beginners on race day. You’ll begin to feel the adrenaline rushing, motivation thriving, try and hold back. Remember the pace you’ve planned and settle in.

Should I “Carb-O-Load” the night before the race?

Don’t worry about eating excessive carbohydrates before a 5-K. Shoot for a healthy balanced meal as you would any other evening. Your body will have plenty of energy stores.

How much should I walk, jog, or run leading up to race day?

Two to three workouts the week of a race will satisfy. You want to be at full strength on race morning so as general suggestion is to try and take at least the day before the 5-K off.  Stretch consistently during the week and trust your training, tapering off is the hardest part.   Download our beginner’s 5K training plan here.

What if I come in last?

As I often say, no worries. Look at it like this – you’re racing!  Others are at home, watching TV, possibly eating pancakes, who knows.  The fact of the matter is you’re taking advantage of an opportunity.  Most notably, the crowd usually cheers the loudest for the last participant.


If you have any questions in regards to training, shoot us a line and we’ll get you ready!  I encourage you to share your race stories and check out the pictures from our most recent races.

2009 Firecracker 5K

2009 Firecracker 5K


Our 1st Place Winning 5K Team


Lastly, I wanted to mention that Hilton Head Health will be organizing a memorial 5K in honor of Devin Shaeffer, our beloved massage therapist.  Devin’s Dash will be held October 16th and all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.  Check back to H3 DAILY for more information to come!

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