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Put the FUN back in your fitness

FIT Week is here!


One of the most fun weeks at H3 – a week dedicated to providing our Healthy Lifestyle program with an extra burst of fitness and camaraderie – has just begun! 


Fit Week provides our guests with the opportunity to experience and try new fitness activities they wouldn’t normally participate in on a regular basis. 


Fit Week brings a certain energy and excitement, and you can feel the FUN that our guests are having in their group classes. 


 So if you couldn’t make it to H3 for Fit Week, we challenge you to try a new fitness activity in your routine this week (in our honor!).  For example, if you run every day, try biking or sign-up for a dance class.


 The purpose of this challenge is to keep fitness FUN.  We all know that if you don’t enjoy doing something, you won’t do it.  If exercise becomes a chore, then the chances of you pushing it aside increases. 


 Exercise is not just running on the treadmill or lifting weights, it’s doing what our bodies are made to do, which is move.  Try signing up for a group fitness class, joining an adult team sports league or creating a jogging group with your friends.  Think back to what you used to find fun, and figure out a way to add that back into your daily routine.


 Another great way to incorporate FUN into your fitness routine is to enjoy it with friends.  We often get into the habit of meeting friends at our favorite restaurant; instead, plan to meet at the park.  You can still chat before or after your walk/run like you would at a restaurant.  Or if you are a morning person, plan to meet before work for a fun group fitness class at the local gym.


If you want to learn more about H3’s Fit Week, check out this video.



Or read an insider’s re-cap of Fit Week 2009.   Then mark your calendars for the next Fit Week, October 17th 2010 – for a trip to beautiful Hilton Head Island!

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