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Pedometer Step Goal: 100 steps/minute

Watch and listen as Simon Marshall, an exercise scientist at San Diego State University, discusses his and his colleagues’ research on how pedometers can be used to help people do more walking and at a pace that is beneficial to their health.  If you are short on time see down below where I have highlighted the key points from the video.


–  Don’t be preoccupied with calories or mileage on a pedometer, focus on the step counter.  That’s what they do best!

–  People who wear pedometers increase activity by about 25% and significantly decrease BMI and Blood Pressure.

–  People who set a step goal each day end up doing more activity than people that set no goals.  10,000/day is the most common goal.

–  It’s not just the number of steps that you take that’s important.  The pace of the step is critical to health.

–  Data supports a minimum recommendation of 100 steps/min for moderate intensity walking.

–  Walk a minimum of 3000 steps in 30 minutes, 5 days per week OR Walk a minimum of 1000 steps in 10 minutes, 3 times each day, 5 days per week

–  Use music to help you keep the pace.  Suggested beats per minute (BPM) while walking is 100-105.  Ideal track for walking is The Be Gees “Stayin’ Alive” at 103 bpm.


Don’t have a pedometer?  The YAMAX DIGIWALKER is the most accurate.  I’ve scoured the internet and found the lowest priced YAMAX from STEP INTO HEALTH .  You’ll notice that the pedometer comes with a personal log.  I highly suggest using it, recent studies show that people that journal their steps travel about 1000-2000 more steps per day then people that don’t journal their steps.  If you already have a pedometer and need a log, click here to save and print.


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