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Need Motivation?


I was teaching my Goal Setting class the other day when a few guests were having a really hard time coming up with motivation to exercise. So I suggested that they close their eyes and envision themselves ten years from now. They answered the following questions from two different perspectives; first, if they continued in their unhealthy ways or secondly, if they decided this second to begin turning things around.


–  How does it feel getting in and out of a chair or up and down a flight of stairs?

–   Are you able to get onto the floor and play actively with your grandchildren/children?

–  If you were to look into the mirror, what might you think to yourself?

–  How do you feel getting out of bed in the morning?

–  What fitness-related activities are you participating in outside of work?

–  Are you living joyfully?


If you are having a hard time coming up with motivation to exercise close your eyes, envision yourself ten years from now and ask these same questions.  Write down some of the responses and I bet you’ll find some motivation.

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