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Myth Busters: Separating Health and Fitness Facts from Fiction

By: Jeff, H3 Program Intern

With massive amounts of information out there, eat more dark green vegetables, exercise five times a week, do this, do that – It definitely gets overwhelming to separate diet and fitness facts from fictions.

Obviously, if you’ve stayed with us at H3 you’ve already dispelled most of these myths as a result of attending classes and asking questions, but here’s more of the inside scoop on common statements that are out and about!


If women begin a strength training program they will get too bulky.

COMPLETELY FALSE.  Perhaps, the number one question women tend to ask when beginning a strength training program.  Will I get unattractive muscles and unwanted bulk?  Unlike men, women lack the amount of the hormone testosterone that helps men develop large bulky muscles.  Strength training is necessary for every individual and helps maintain muscle mass, in effect decreasing our body fat helping to burn more calories at rest.  Therefore no worries here women; a regular strength training program will not add redundant bulk!


If I do thousands of crunches and sit-ups I will flatten my stomach.

INCORRECT. You will certainly be strengthening your core and abdominal muscles, yet these common exercises will not directly level off your stomach.  Reducing body weight by keeping up with scheduled cardio sessions will undoubtedly do the trick.


It is way more beneficial to go to the gym than to exercise at home.

NO WAY. If you can stick to a home-based workout plan versus attending a gym – go for it! Physical activity is great in any form, and the “best workout” is the one that you can commit to for the long run.


If I eat late at night I will gain more weight.

NOPE.  A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.  When we think of late night eating, we are usually assuming it’s an unhealthy snack or even a binge!  Sometimes we consume so few calories during the day that our stomachs begin to scream before we hit the sack.  As a word of advice, always eat breakfast and keep up with your Metabo meals – eating every 3 to 4 hours will help your body stay in constant energy balance.  This way when that night time growl rolls around, you’ll only have room for a healthy piece of fruit or an H3 Banana-Rama rice cake.


If I want to lose weight, I better not eat any fats.

WRONG.  Low-fat diets are definitely important in a weight-loss program; however our body’s need fats – it’s simply all about consuming the right kinds!  Make an effort to get polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats from fish, nuts, and tasty avocados!  Good fats will also keep you fuller and can even reduce the amount of food you consume.





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