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Make it happen with fitbook

Looking for a new fitness journal?  For those of you who aren’t following Adam on Twitter (what are you waiting for?!), you may have missed out on this helpful tweet.


Check out the fitbook; the perfect journal for setting goals, creating a game plan and watching those dreams become reality.  According to the fitbook website, ‘research shows that people who write down their goals are 75% more likely to achieve them’.  Sure, it takes hard work and a bit of discipline, but setting yourself up for success starts with writing down your goals and determining a plan to reach them.


Not only is Adam a fan of this portable journal, I think you will be too.  Check out a few of its features you can find listed on the fitbook website:


Goal – oriented.  Using a 12 – week planning system, you will be able to create big picture goals, yet journal your fitness and food behaviors daily.


Functional.  For those who need a bit of storage – there is a slot in the back where you can stash ID cards and even cash.  It also comes with a pen and features a handy elastic strap to mark your place.


Educational.  Includes resources on how to make the most out of your workout, food journaling tips, and weekly motivational tips.  You can also find more resources online!


Portable.  Only 5.5 square inches – you can store this journal anywhere.  And it is durable enough to toss in your gym bag or purse.


Personalized.  You can also buy fitbooks with a purpose – they even make specific goal oriented books for those trying to bulk up, those trying to lose baby weight, and even marathon runners.  Whatever your goal – you can find the perfect book for you!


Now that you have the H3 stamp of approval – check it out for yourself!  By visiting their website you can see the book itself through a virtual tour


To order one for yourself – visit www.getfitbook.com

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