• This video never fails to make me laugh out loud!

    From Cheney
    January 5, 2010

Looking for a workout video for yourself? Check out Collage Video!

If you read Amber’s blog yesterday on staying active in cold weather   and still can’t bear the thought of exercising outside in the COLD, this is the perfect alternative for you!


If you are looking for ways to exercise indoors, I suggest searching for an at home exercise video at  www.collagevideo.com.   Collage Video is a collection of over 900 fitness videos all with a 60 second preview.


Collage video has been around since 1987 and offers a 100% money back guarantee even on opened videos.  Shape Magazine states that Collage Video has taken the “guesswork out of video shopping.”  They also offer free shipping on purchases greater than $25 and you’ll notice that when you visit the website you are pleasantly greeted via chat by one of their sales representatives that can help you find a video. 


Visiting Collage Video will ensure you don’t end up with a zany workout like this:



Post to the comments your favorite workout video or video instructor!

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