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Holiday Helpings

You might have noticed a trend in the latest Daily Tips…Holiday HELP! 

Here are 10 Holiday Tips (in case you missed them) to incorporate into your lifestyle to stay on track until January 1 2010!

1.  Cut down your own Christmas tree this year. Nothing like a little hard work and family fun to get the season rolling.

2.  Bake one type of cookie this year and call it quits. Limiting the amount of options is crucial this time a year.

3.  Make holiday shopping trips an exercise adventure. Arrive early and walk the entire mall!

4.  Before indulging on a few holiday treats remember the healthy vegetables and salad comes first!

5.  Head to bed at the same time every night. Irregular sleep patterns are rather typical this time of year.

6.  Come up with a new holiday wish list. List one or more lifestyle aspects that you are going to change.

7.  Find a home routine. When the days get busier and busier pop in an exercise DVD or complete a bodyweight routine.

8.  Allow yourself a little wiggle room. Tis’ the season to spend time with family and friends so make time for fun!

9.  Avoid the holiday specialty drinks and look for low-fat calorie options. Standard mocha lattes, hot cocoa, and egg nog are deceivingly caloric.

10. Make merry makeovers. Transform traditional holiday dishes into nutrient rich renditions.

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