• Camilla’s trx workouts were the BEST. got a full body muscle workout in a short time and was one of my favorite things at H3

    From kate
    July 23, 2014

Fitness Friday: H3 TRX Workout

Here at Hilton Head Health, we strive to provide the  most challenging and exciting workout routines to help our Guests reach their personal weight loss and wellness goals with our weight loss program and wellness program. When you try new fitness equipment and throw in different variations to your normal routine,  it can help you stay motivated to keep up your new, healthy lifestyle. Today, we have a full body TRX workout to help you get one step closer to your fitness, weight loss and wellness goals.

For the best results, perform 3 sets of 15 reps of each exercise.

1. Squat – Lower Body

2. Row – Upper Body

3. Lunge  – Lower Body

4. Push up – Upper Body

5. Sit ups / Planks – Core

Here’s a video to show you the best techniques for each exercise using the TRX straps.

We hope that you enjoy your TRX workout! What was your favorite new workout that you tried at Hilton Head Health during your stay participating in our weight loss program or wellness program?

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