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H3 Fitness Class Feature: Cardio Boxing

Cardio Boxing

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee!  Get out all of your aggressions and channel your inner boxer by following the H3 Cardio Boxing Routine.  Use this as a guide to recreate this popular class in your own home. 


Learn how to perform each move by reading the Cardio Boxing definitions and following the minute by minute directions for an upbeat and calorie-burning workout!


Cardio Boxing Definitions

High Knees: Bring knees to hip level

Butt Kicks: Kick heel back towards the buttocks

Jabs: Forward punches at eye level

Hooks: Swing the arm across the body at shoulder level

Upper-cut: Punch towards the ceiling while keeping elbows in.

Front Kicks: Bring knee up and kick forward with the heel

Back Kicks: Kick back with heel while keeping the shoulders back

Side Kicks: Bring knee up and kick out to the side. Slightly bend other knee for balance.


H3 Cardio Boxing Routine


Five Minute Warm Up:

Min 0-1: March in place

Min 1-2: High Knees

Min 2-3: Butt Kicks

Min 3-4: Right Jabs

Min 4-5: Left Jabs



Min 0-2: Side steps while alternating Right and Left Jabs (Punches to eye level)

Min 2-4: Side steps while alternating Right and Left Hooks (Punches across upper body)

Min 4-6: Take 4 steps forward then 2 upper-cuts; Take 4 steps back then 2 upper-cuts

Min 6-8: Left Jab, Right Jab, Left upper-cut, right upper-cut

Min 8-9: Double Right Jab, Left Hook

Min 9-10: Double Left Jab, Right Hook

Min 10-12: Low alternating front kicks (Keep arms up if possible)

Min 12-14: High alternating front kicks

Min 14-15: Rest, March in place

Min 15-17: Go as fast as you can with all of the previous exercises.

Min 17-19: Low alternating side kicks

Min 19-21: High alternating side kicks

Min 21-22: Right Hook, 2 upper-cuts

Min 22-23: Left Hook, 2 upper-cuts

Min 23-24: Rest, act like jump roping in place

Min 24-26: Alternating back kicks with right and left jabs

Min 26-28: Alternating side kicks with right left side punches

Min 28-30: Freestyle Step: any kicks, steps, and combinations from above. Repeat this keeping arms extended.


Five to Ten minute Cool Down:

Min 0-2: March in place

Min 2-5: Side Steps

Min 5-10: Static Stretching



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