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Get SUP and Paddle!

H3 is excited to “re-announce” our adventure fitness spring and summer series activity: SUP and SUP Yoga!

As mentioned in a previous post, SUP is an acronym for “Stand Up Paddle”. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a surface water sport, meaning it is a sport that is performed atop a body of water. Stand Up “paddling” differs from “surfing” because essentially you do not need a wave to propel you. Instead, you propel yourself by using a paddle.

Many of you ask about SUP. The most common question I answer is what is it like? If I could relate SUP to something familiar to you, H3 Alumni and or fitness advocates, it is similar to standing on the BOSU ball. It essentially requires basic balancing abilities. The good news is however, if you become unbalanced you simply fall in the water. This, I can acknowledge, feels really nice on a warm spring day in HHI! The idea of balance is sometimes daunting to individuals whom are fearful of injury due to falling. No need to worry about injured hips and wrists with SUP. Your efforts do not permit falling atop a hard surface; as the water simply acts as a pillow for your balanced/unbalanced efforts. Kudos!  

Therefore, note: By engaging in activities like SUP you are actively working to strengthen and tone muscles in your legs, buttocks and core. These are all important in FUNCTIONAL fitness. The “paddling” involved with SUP, facilitates the muscular gains in all the muscles of the back, shoulders, arms, as well as core too. Thus, it is a TOTAL body FUNCTIONAL workout!

My motto for SUP is “Strength Unites Pleasure”. It is for many a new, challenging, FUN form of cross training. It’s low impact and people of any age, and or any athletic ability level can partake.

So what are you waiting for? Come back to H3 and join me! We may even just incorporate SUP Yoga session in the upcoming Yoga Retreat (April 26th, 27th and 28th).

Get’ yourself SUP!

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