• Great post! I just read it after coming back off the walking trail near my house. I love getting exercise outdoors…I notice everything around me…the wildlife, the kids yelling on the playground nearby. Great way to relieve stress!

    From Karen Percy
    January 27, 2012

  • Way to go, KAREN!!! Thanks for sharing!

    From Amber
    January 27, 2012

  • thumbs up on this Amber & something I’m finding VERY true! Thanx :)

    From Heidi
    February 7, 2012

Friday Fitness: Work-OUT!


As many of you know, I generally do not watch much television. However, this past Tuesday evening, as I prepared to sit down early in efforts to watch The State of the Union Address on NBC, The Biggest Loser was on. This episode particulary caught my attention because one team (the “black team”) had been denied access to the gym. Particpants on the black team displayed a demoralizing distrust. The idea that they would be able to lose comparative weight at the next weigh in was daunting. The black team despartly feared the red team had a much greater advantage: the GYM.

Thus, for the entire week prior to the weigh in, as the red team motored away with workouts in the gym, the black team met outside. If you tuned in, you know the results. If you missed the episode you may assume that indeed the red team lost the most amount of weight, obviously, as a result of their gym access—right? Well, the red team actually won a stride, but lost a stride too. They lost the most in the terms of percent weight loss. But in regards to total pounds lost, the black team came out on top. I found this to be such an important message for the general public: One does not need a gym in order to lose weight. Let this be a simple reminder to utilize our surroundings and the environment.  Working out outside can be just as rewarding, and possibly even more functional, than working out in the gym.

Therefore, this Fitness Friday let us declare our functional independence from the gym. I challenge you to get up off your couch, and to not only get active but to get OUTSIDE! Whether you take a walk, go for a run, a paddle, a bike ride, go snow shoeing, or x-country skiing; maybe you opt to go downhill skiing; maybe you simply grab your mat and take your asana (physical yoga practice) outside. Perhaps none of the above activities appeal to you, so decide just to do a few push-ups, squats, lunges and/or planks somewhere outside. Studies show there are numerous benefits to exercising outside. This Friday let’s experience some of those benefits. Trust yourself to step outside the box (gym) and work-O.U.T. Because, Outside YoU Thrive!

Check out my post on the benefits of exercising outdoors.

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