• Thanks, Jeff (especially since flexibility is on my list of goals this year)!

    BTW, Can I still pretend that my deep tissue massage therapist is a necessary component of reaching the goal with respect to my shoulders?

    From Sally Colocho
    February 24, 2012

  • Your Welcome Sally! You can certainly pretend that this is the same as a deep tissue massage. Even better @ Times :)

    From Jeff
    February 25, 2012

Friday Fitness: Unglue Your Shoulders

It’s time to tackle the most neglected component of fitness…flexibility! Are you ready to unglue your shoulders? Check out this quick video for four great shoulder stretches that will increase your range of motion extensively. Great to do right before an upper body strength workout or after a long day of your shoulders caved in at your office desk. Posture is key people!

Band Shoulder Stretch (A)

Anchor Height: 2-4 feet overhead

Description: walk out with elbow slightly bent facing away from the anchor, palm facing (externally rotated) towards the ceiling, Lean slow into the stretch

*Hand always through the handles and slightly gripping the bands


Band Shoulder Stretch (B)

Anchor Height: 2-4 feet overhead

Description: facing the anchor, walk away from the band and bend your back, let band pull your arm towards the ceiling. Walk backwards for more resistance or closer to the band for less resistance.


Band Shoulder Stretch (C)

Anchor Height: between waist and chest height

Description: walk out facing away from anchor, pull band up with elbow high, let band pull elbow towards ears, slowly lean into for more resistance


Band Shoulder Stretch Dynamic (D)

*Always complete after doing one of the first three exercises

Anchor Height: 2-4 feet overhead

Description: Keeping the arm straight, slowly walk out barely gripping the handle of the resistance band while rotating inward and outward. Walk out a little further as the stretch improves.


*All stretches should be done 1-2 minutes per arm. 

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