• When you put it like that, I think most of us could accomplish that. Way to go Kelly!!!

    From Maddie Stone
    July 6, 2012

  • Thanks, Maddie! It was an awesome experience!

    From Kelly
    July 17, 2012

Friday Fitness: Tap Into Your Inner ‘TRY’ Athlete

Grab your goggles, swim cap, bike and athletic shoes. Get ready to participate, alongside Hilton Head Health in Hilton Head’s Annual Beach Bum Triathlon. This upcoming Saturday, July 14th, marks yet another wet, sticky, sandy, heart pumping, athletic and invigorating challenge! Thus, as we prepare ourselves and H3 Guests who will be awesomely partaking in the event, this Fitness Friday I want to take a moment for some “TRYful” motivation! Let us hold an open space to inspire our inner “TRY”athlete with the workout/s below.

If you have access to a swimming pool, a bicycle and path to run/walk, get out there and “TRY” this workout: (you can also opt to do one, two or all three of the legs, as many triathlons have team/relay options)…

Swim 500m in the pool. This is 5 laps (10 lengths) in a 50m pool.

Cycle 6 miles.

Then, complete the “TRY” series by running/walking a 5K (3.1) miles.

For those of you who do not have access. Follow this at home “TRY” bootcamp workout:

H3 Triathlon Bootcamp:  
Round 1: 50 Swims (Start in prone position- opposite arm and leg lifts simultaneously)
  50 Bikes (bicycle crunches)
  50 m Dash/Sprint/Walk/Jog x 5 (5 times) This 50m can be done in a hallway in your home
Round 2: 40 Swims
  40 Bikes
  40 m Dash/Sprint x 4 (4 times)
Round 3: 30 Swims
  30 Bikes
  30 m Dash/Sprint x 3 (3 times)
Round 2: 20 Swims
  20 Bikes
  20 m Dash/Sprint x 2 (2 times)
Round 1: 10 Swims
  10 Bikes
  10 m Dash/Sprint x 1 (1 time)

Guests doing ocean swim training for the 2012 Beach Bum Triathlon!

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