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Friday Fitness: Step Up Your Game

Hope everyone had a phenomenal St. Patrick’s Day!  Thankfully it doesn’t have to end yet, because for this Fitness Friday I’ve given you even more luck of the Irish with challenging box variations (see Adam’s video on push-up variations here).  All you need is a step or a box to get started. Feel free to follow along with the video, and then go back and knock out a few sets of your own. Furthermore, I have written the exercises out for you, so if you’d like you can program them into your next workout! Good luck and keep it green.

Shoot for 2 to 3 sets of each 12 – 15 Repetitions

*Note, if wary of knees and other limitations please avoid the higher impact plyometric exercises. *Modify with step ups.

  1.  Step Ups with Knee Raises
  2. Steps Ups with Abdominal Twist
  3. Lateral Shuffle Step Up with Squats
  4. Lateral Shuffle Step Up with Mountain Climbers
  5. Step Jump with Squats
  6. High Impact Box Jumps
  7. Box Jumps with Burpees
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