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Friday Fitness: Smith Serious

Don't be scared - get serious about the Smith!

Not just for Body Builders - Get Smith Serious!


Fitness Facilities should never be intimidating places, so this afternoon Friday Fitness is here to conquer any fear. Walking around your local gyms, you’ve probably glanced at a smith machine before, but have you ever had the urge to use it during your weekly strength training session?  The smith machine is a piece of weight training equipment consisting of one barbell suspended between two steel rails.  It was invented in the 1950’s and can be found in almost all major gyms across the nation.  The best feature has to be the safety factor – the barbell can never fall forward, backward, or to the side!  A highlight of more benefits can be found below.  Immediately after, check out three moves that will get you smith started.

  1. Safety – You won’t need a spotter with the series of safety slots you can always hook in
  2. Versatility – wide variety of exercises, upper body and lower body
  3. Form – helps users stay in a straight plane, forces proper exercise execution


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