• Jeff! Have a great run this weekend — thank you for the motivation and inspiration and education that you provide all of us even when we’re thousands of miles away. I look forward to hearing about the marathon and seeing you on my next visit.

    From Erik K.
    October 1, 2010

  • enjoy your run…..good luck……..and thanks for your help during my stay…..will be back :)

    From Adrienne
    October 1, 2010

Friday Fitness: Should I lift fast or slow?

During Strength Training Sessions, Why is important to perform repetitions slowly and controlled?

Good Day H3 Dailies!  Today our video touched upon the importance of speed in relation to repetitions.  No matter what gym you attend, you’ll see exercise enthusiasts flying thru their sets. The problem is their repetitions become far less efficient because of their rate of completion.  Remember it is always better to perform an exercise slowly, controlled, and correctly to the point of fatigue. By slowing down your contractions, you will target the selected muscle group more powerfully and not be wasting time in the gym! Anyways, below are the highlights that must be taken from today’s Friday Fitness Blog.

Importance of slow and controlled repetitions

  1. Allows entire focus on contraction of the muscle (isolates the muscle)
  2. Helps avoid using the momentum of your body to lift the weights
  3. Concentric  (contracting) and Eccentric (lengthening) phases 4 to 6 seconds each
  4. Minimize the risk of injury
  5. Allows for added concentration on breathing

Join us next week for another tip on our Friday Fitness blog!

**Editor’s Note: Everyone at H3 would like to wish Jeff GOOD LUCK on his marathon this weekend!  Jeff has been dedicated to his training, as well as overcoming an injury, we know that your hard work will show through! Join us in sending positive thoughts his way by leaving Jeff a few words of encouragement in the comment section.

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