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Friday Fitness: Perfecting Running Technique Pt. 3

Now only five weeks out from Devin’s Dash 2011, its time to get a little more advanced in developing our Pose Running Technique. You’ve already gone through the BOF (Ball of Foot) drills, posture, and pulling of the hamstring, now it is time to take these drills to the streets by adding the running component.

The whole concept behind working on these drills is to change our neurological patterns that communicate from our brains to our legs. As we move in any sport, our bodies go through a series of “Poses,” hence the development of Pose Technique can be applied to all sports. The end result of working on these drills before each run will lead to efficiency and allow these poses to become more natural in your running.

Check out this video for round three of two additional run technique drills. We’ve added a jump rope for all of you who are starting to master Perfecting Running Technique Part 1 and Part 2 out there!

Drill 1 – Exaggerated Forward Lunge

Complete 3 – 5 Sets

5 Pulls on each leg then run it out


Drill 2 – Jump Rope Pulls

Complete 3 – 5 Sets

Begin by pulling both legs in place while using the jump rope

Get tight and stay tight as you continue to pull and run with the jump rope

During the final rounds drop the jump rope and run it out about 100 meters

*Beginners work in place then build to running with the rope. The act of simply jump roping for a few minutes each day will promote your BOF landing.

Stay tuned for Part 4 of our Run Technique series, which will involve working with a partner!

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