• Jeff,
    Thanks for posting these technique videos. Very helpful since I couldn’t remember all of the drills. I’ve been working on it (including this a.m.). But these dogs of mine are having a hard time learning a new trick! I wish I’d known this about 20 years and a thousand miles ago… ; )

    From Shawn H.
    July 30, 2011

  • Your very welcome Shawn. I will be getting our 3rd part of the series up very soon in preparation for Devins Dash. I am with you on wishing I had learned this miles ago. Keep practicing!!

    From Jeff Ford
    August 3, 2011

Friday Fitness: Perfecting Running Technique Pt. 2

Alright H3 Runners, I hope you’ve been practicing your running technique. By now, you should be ready for part two of our running technique series. The focus today is going to be on the fall and midline of our POSE running technique. If you remember from the last video, we focused on drills to improve our foot strike and I introduced you to using the hamstring versus the hip flexor by pulling your foot off the ground versus pushing in back. The word today is MIDLINE STABILIZATION.

With the three drills given today, we’ll focus on the feeling of falling forward while maintaining midline stability and not breaking at the hips. The drills will enforce your ability to work with gravity and to remain comfortable while leaning forward and running. What we are attempting to create in our form is a tight midline with simply a slight lean (5% or less). Watch closely and then perform the following until our Running Technique Part 3 premieres in a few short weeks.

We are closing in on 8 weeks out from Devin’s Dash so practice, practice, practice and show me your POSE when you arrive!!

Drill 1 – Stable Arm with Pull (Charlie’s Angels Drill)

• Tight midline with correct posture
• Extend and lock out arms in front of your body
• No breaking at the hips and little to no movement with the arms
Perform 10 BOF Hops in place with 30 seconds pulling in place (2-3 Sets)
Add running (2-3 Sets)

Drill 2 – Midline Stability Arrested Drill
• Tight midline with locked arms behind back
• Five degree lean with shoulders pulled back and rib cage down
Perform 10 BOF hops in place with 30 seconds pulling (1-2 Sets)
Add running remembering to pull (2-3 Sets)

Drill 3 – Carioca
• Arms stretched out to sides
• Stabilize arm movement as best as possible
• Weight on balls of feet
• Criss-Cross legs while leaning one direction
Perform 5 to 10 Criss-Crosses then run it out for 30 seconds pulling (2-3 Sets)
Switch direction and repeat

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