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Friday Fitness: Less Time, More Intensity

Now that the days are getting shorter, you may find it more difficult to fit a full workout into your day. It’s important to take the shorter days into consideration when planning your workouts for the week—if not, you could use the late mornings and early nights as an excuse to break your fitness routine. I like to split up my routine and do half outside while it’s still nice out and the other half inside when it gets dark. This way I can still enjoy exercising outdoors.

Now might also be the time to look for a gym with hours that work with your schedule. Group fitness classes are a great way to get in your cardio/strength and are also a great place to meet new people. Always remember to have a backup plan in case you don’t have time for a full workout—just remember that something is better than nothing. If you’re running short on time, try shortening your workout but increasing intensity. A quick 30 minute full body circuit routine incorporates both strength and cardiovascular training.

Here’s a quick 30 minute Strength routine:

Exercise Reps
Warm Up- Jump rope, Jumping Jacks, Jog in Place 5 minutes
Bench Squats 12 to 15
Dumbbell Chest Press 12 to 15
Bench Step Ups 12 to 15
Calf Raises 12 to 15
Dumbbell Tricept Kickbacks 12 to 15
*Repeat 2-3 times with a 2-3 minute rest between sets
Cool Down- Walk 5 minutes


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