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Friday Fitness: Hollow Out Your Core

Obviously a solid core pays dividends within our exercise program, but it’s absolutely essential with every task of daily living and movement we make throughout our daily life. Sitting at your desk, squatting into a seat, picking up your kids, the list goes on and on. Today’s Fitness Friday teaches one of the most difficult and functional core movements out there. It’s time for you to get hollow!!

Significant cues to think about

  • Hollow = Boat position
  • Lower back always maintains contact with the ground
  • Arms completely straight and close to ears while keeping shoulders elevated
  • Legs straight as possible and tight together with toes pointed
  • Start rocking back and forth without allowing spine to break at any point


  • Both knees bent towards chest
  • One knee in opposing leg
  • Raise the straight legs a little bit higher off the ground

Check out our Youtube page for more exercises.

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