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    From Lisette
    December 17, 2012

Friday Fitness: Guys, The Things You Need To Know Before Attending A Yoga Class

Guys, Listen Up! 

So, I made a pact with the missus a few weeks ago that I would give yoga a shot for one full month.  I’m two weeks into the journey and think there are a few things you guys should know.

Gentlemen, here’s what they don’t tell you…

  • Apparently, the thermostat is broken!

Be prepared, you’re going to sweat your @$$ off!  Drink plenty of water before you go and be sure to have a full bottle within arm’s reach during the class.  Drape a beach towel over your mat to absorb the ridiculous amount of melting body butter or else risk a reenactment of slip and slide. 

  • You’ve got to get there at least 10 minutes early.

Real estate is limited in most yoga studios.  So, get there early to stake your claim.  When you arrive take your shoes off and go straight to the room to put down your mat.

  • You’ll need two blocks and a strap.

Most studios provide these free of charge.  The blocks are used to bring the ground up to you and the strap can assist during those poses where reaching your feet seems nearly impossible.

  • Dress for the occasion

Wear a shirt that’s long enough to tuck in and tight enough that it won’t ride up and affect your breathing during Downward Dog.  Consider wearing compression shorts under your baggy shorts, as you’ll be upside down and downside up in poses that could…ahem…expose some skin.  The ladies will appreciate if you keep it PG-rated. 

  • Choose the right class for you.

There are a dozen different types of yoga classes that you’ll struggle to pronounce.  But, I’ve figured out there are a few basic categories. 

1) Power Yoga – These combine a series of exercises to help tone muscles.  This class is great for the ex-athlete. The poses look similar to lunges, squats and pushups, with the obvious yoga-flare. 

2) Hot Yoga – They’ll advertise that it’s 95 degrees in the room, but with twenty other steaming bodies the heat index is surely over 100. 

3) Restorative/Gentle/Deep Stretch Yoga – If you’re looking to unglue your knotted hips and back then this is the class for you.  Be prepared to hold a stretch for what feels like a lifetime.

4) Flow Yoga –In these classes be prepared to move with each breath. This is probably the closest to cardio you can get with yoga.

  • Know the basics.

If you don’t know the difference between upward and downward dog or chaturanga and chair, then you better get to Googling or take a beginner’s class.  Know the basic sun salutation and the variations of the warrior pose before you go.

  • BREATH!!!

Sure, they’ll tell you this time and again, but it’s worth reiterating.

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