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Friday Fitness: FitBall Knee Fitness


As we age it is inevitable that we’re going to start losing muscle mass. As much as 1-2% per decade after the age of thirty!  Also, one of the biggest problems or limitations that tend to hold us back in our quest for an all-around exercise program is our knees. We say to ourselves, I just can’t take the constant pounding or pressure that these exercises are always putting on my knees. Well your right! You shouldn’t.


We’ve got to start avoiding exercises any added stress to our knees, until we start strengthening the muscles around them.  By strengthening the quadriceps and hamstrings without adding anymore stress to our knees, we are able to build muscle and begin protecting our knees from future problems. 


So check it now!  We’ve got a continuation of the FitBall series explaining the exercises you should most definitely avoid and a couple of alternative exercises that are excellent for building the muscles around the knees.


In a glance, here are the key notes from our Friday Fitness video:


Those with knee problems/limitations should always avoid:

–  Lunges

–  Deep Squats

–  High Intensity Exercise (Jumping)


Thumbs up to:

–  FitBall Leg Extensions

–  FitBall Partial Wall Squats


See you next week for another exciting Friday Fitness post!

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