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Friday Fitness: FitBall Finale



FitBall, stability ball, swiss ball, whatever you may call it.  Today marks the day to cap off our first exercise ball video series.


We’ve certainly had a ball over the past couple weeks, not only covering a core carve up, but safely targeting the lower body with several FitBall exercises to strengthen the muscles around our knees.  However, we can’t stop there – let’s finish it off with a FitBall video focusing on our upper body. After watching  (and of course taking detailed notes), go ahead and combine each week’s video for an efficient and effective total body workout using the FitBall!


Keep in mind there are hundreds of exercises we can do using the ball so go ahead and keep exploring. Lastly, remember that the benefits are in the ball:


–  Forces us to use more muscles at one time (a.k.a a better workout!)

–  Total core focus: engages abdominal and back muscles

–  Improves flexibility, balance, and promotes good posture

–  Comfortable and allows for marvelous support

–  Accessible, great for home or office workouts!

–  Allows us to take pressure off our knees

–  Most importantly the benefit to FitBall is the F-U-N Fun!


Hope you enjoyed the FitBall Finale, only 7 days and counting till more Friday Fitness!

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