• Awesome ideas! I get so bored with ab workouts I find I always go back to the trusted plank. These have given me new ways to ramp up my workout.

    From Thea Ward
    October 21, 2011

  • Happy to help Thea! There’s so many ab exercises out there its great to mix it up and keepem guessing!! We’ll get another core strength video soon :)

    From Jeff
    October 24, 2011

Friday Fitness: Core-Tastic Throwback!

Here’s a throwback of one of my favorite Friday Fitness videos. It’s easy to get bored with your core workout but if you keep learning new exercises you’ll be on your way to developing a strong core! Don’t forget to always do back exercises along with your ab routine.

Friday Fitness is always a fantastic day, but this week we’re going to make it CORE-tastic!  At times we get caught up with the same old boring abdominal exercises, but not this Friday – It’s time to switch it up and open your eyes to the new age of core workouts.  According to the principle of reciprocity, we have to continually be changing the exercises we perform in order to strengthen our muscles and make gains.  Our bodies get use to the same routines and if we don’t change things up from time to time we’ll hit plateaus not only in training, but also in motivation.  Anyhow, check out this week’s video and get back to us on how CORE-Tastic these exercises really are!

Resistance Band Trunk Rotations


  • Anchor resistance band around post, nice wide stance
  • Contract abdominals while twisting torso
  • Shoot to keep arm furthest from anchor straight

Note: To make any of these exercises more challenging, move away from the anchor. To make easier move closer decreasing the range of motion


Low Anchored Reverse Band Crunches


  • Anchor the resistance band to a low mount such as a furniture leg or exercise bench
  • Put both your feet through the handles nice and tight
  • Back flat, abs contracted, hands behind your hips to maintain a safe spine
  • Scoot away from wall with legs slightly bent raised off floor

EXHALE: When knees come in towards chest  

INHALE:  While headed back to starting position


Low Anchored Band Crunches  


  • Anchor resistance band to furniture leg or exercise bench
  • Lay supine (on your back), head close to where resistance band is looped
  • Knees bent, feet flat, keep elbows up above shoulders during crunch

EXHALE: When curling your torso and shoulders off ground

INHALE: While slowly lowering to start


Low Anchored Band Clam Action Crunches

Combine both movements!

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