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Friday Fitness: Buddy Up!

As one of the fitness specialists at H3, I have the opportunity to personal train two or three people a day and some days it’s closer to four or five. Training a guest is up there on my list of favorite things in this world because you really get the opportunity to get the very most out of someone. You know what’s even more exhilarating though? Getting to train two motivated people at the same time!

When you train two people at the same time or workout with a partner there always seems to be a little healthy competition. The kind where your partner’s cheering you on when you have one last repetition to go or the moment where you want to stop but they won’t let you. It’s accountability at the toughest of moments.

Did you know that research shows you are more likely to stick to a fitness program if you have someone motivating you and relying on you? Makes sense right? Not only do partner workouts provide a great social experience, but it’s a heck of a lot healthier than simply heading over to happy hour. This week Amy and I challenge you to skip the happy hour and try-out our five challenging partner exercises with a friend or family member. Check out the video and then follow our cues below!


Body-Weight Squat

–          Stand arm’s length away facing your partner, feet shoulder width, hands together, lean back at same time

–          2-3 Sets, 12 to 15 repetitions

Dynamic Lunge

–          Lunge forward on right while partner lunges back on left, knees behind toes, chest up

–          2-3 Sets, 12-15 repetitions, switch legs with your partner

Partner Triceps Kickbacks

–          Contract abs, bend forward, knees slightly bent, hinge at elbow pressing back at same time

–          2-3 Sets, 12-15 repetitions, increase tension and difficulty by stepping back

Partner Squat with Row

–          Squat position (above), go down together rise and row arms in at top, keep elbows close

–          2-3 Sets, 12-15 repetitions

Reach-and-Touch Plank

–          Elbows under shoulder, toes tucked, abdominals tight, reach forward with right hands, alternate

–          2-3 Sets, 12-15 repetitions

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