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Friday Fitness: Bar – Band Connection

Starting a new fitness program is never easy, but mixing it up can get even harder. That’s why today, we begin part one of our total body bar resistance band routine! It’s long overdue that we stretch your routine and combine these two forgotten fitness tools.


So you may ask yourself, how can a simple resistance band give me a tough enough workout? Many fitness enthusiasts are under the impression that it’s impossible to get an excellent total body workout with just a resistance band, but in all honesty there are four stellar reasons to pick up a resistance band this minute!


1.  Variety –We have to continually vary our training programs. We are not machines, our bodies adapt. By stressing our muscles with different methods of strength training, you’ll be persistently challenging your muscles, thus continue to gains.


2.  Range of Motion – Resistance bands allow for a greater range of motion. Basically, your able to create resistance at any angle by moving the band higher, lower, or overhead. With the ability to create virtually all common strength training moves the bar ban combo is here to stay.


3.  Degree of Difficulty – As witnessed in the video you can select from many different band sizes and by stepping on with one foot, two feet, or by lengthening the distance between your feet you can make it even tougher!


4.   Convenience – the portability and capacity to work every muscle group in your body is undeniable. Traveling or at home, you can attach a resistance band to a door knob, chair, pretty much anything! Also, even if you don’t have a body bar try to utilize a broom stick or a garden shovel for that added resistance.


If those reasons don’t electrify you enough, check out our Friday Fitness video and get your Body Bar resistance band combination going. Master these three moves, share with us the results and we’ll be sure to keep the bar band connection going with three more in the weeks to come!



Check out all of our past Friday Fitness videos on the Hilton Head Health YouTube channel

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