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Friday Fitness: 26 Way to Celebrate World Run Day

This Sunday, November 6th is the 12th annual World Run Day.  For some of us here at H3 this day comes in perfect timing. This Saturday Fitness Director Adam Martin and Guest Services Director Allison Adams will be running in their first 26.2 mile event, the Savannah Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon, and on Sunday I will be participating in the New York City Marathon.  It is exciting to be getting ready for an event that you have spend months preparing for and logged many miles along the way!

The purpose of World Run Day is to celebrate and support the sport of running and promote charitable giving. You do not have to be competing in a marathon to celebrate World Run Day. In honor of the 26.2 miles that we will be taking on this weekend, here are 26 ways that you can embrace or support the sport of running right where you are! 

  1. First and most simple, just get out there. Hit the pavement, or treadmill. Set a distance or amount of time and just enjoy.
  2. Find a local race to volunteer at. You have no idea how valuable volunteers are!
  3. Find a race to sign up for in you area online at www.active.com
  4. Be a spectator at a race. Cheering is the best way to support those out there, you can provide energy in the most crucial moments!
  5. Stretch! What this video on the importance of dynamic and static stretching.
  6. Support a local Walk for a Wish or Relay for Life. You do not have to compete, look into sponsoring a runner.
  7. Establish a pre-run routine. Drink a full glass of water, do your warm up exercises and listen to that one song that always gets you motivated.
  8. Join an online community like www.dailymile.com. You can share your comments and encourage others.
  9. If you have a friend or acquaintance who is a runner, ask them about it. People love to share their passions. This is a great way to show your support.
  10. Go to the track
  11. Take your pet out for a walk
  12. When out for a run or walk, say “Hi” to those you pass. You might just make someone’s day.
  13. Go for a stroll around a local park
  14. Gather some friends and lead your own Treading class (check out the fitness tab for a treading routine)
  15. Go watch a cross country race at local schools. Many schools are gearing up for the local and regional championships. This is the opportunity to go see some real young talent.
  16. Go to a local running store and have your stride assessed to make sure you are in proper shoes. The right shoes can be a game changer.
  17. Find a local Girls on the Run program. It is a 5k training program for girls that not only teaches running skills but build self-esteem and healthy body image.  Volunteer or donate to this amazing program.
  18. Invest in a good running clothes- no cotton!
  19. Sign up to run a race for a charity; crossing the finish line is so much more meaningful when you are participating on behalf of those in need.
  20. Perfect your form and learn how to Run Right-Video 1, Video 2, Video 3
  21. Keep hydrated, this is an important component of any fitness program, make sure you keep yourself hydrated for a successful work out.
  22. Keep a running log of your workout. Include things like: how far did you go, what was your pace, where, and how did you feel?
  23. Get out in the morning. When the temperature is cool and before the stresses of the day can make you think twice.
  24. Practice good posture throughout the day. Good posture can benefit your running by making you more efficient and less prone to injury.
  25. Buy a running magazine and pick up helpful tips and be inspired by stories of true dedication.
  26. Run on different surfaces. Dirt is better then asphalt, and asphalt is better then concrete. Mix up where you go for your run, to give your legs a break. 

Most important thing is just getting out there. You do not have to have big, lofty goals. Just enjoy the sport of running, where the only equipment you need is a pair of shoes!

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