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    From Merlyn
    October 22, 2012

Friday Fitness: 10 Minute Travel Workout

Does your workout routine ever suffer when you find yourself traveling more often? Many Americans travel every single week for business. This is the story for many Hilton Head Health Guests as well. How do they make it work and stay consistent?

Traveling is one of the biggest barriers to keeping not only eating habits on point, but also a consistent fitness routine. I’d have to say this has a lot to do with not knowing what to do. You’re not always going to have a treadmill or set weights so sometimes you have to improvise. Time and time again you’ll hear from us that you need very little equipment to get a solid workout in. What’s even better is that with a few common hotel room items you can complete the entire workout with privacy in your very own room. Check out our quick 10minute video. Feel free to add time as you circuit through the movements. Don’t forget your towel and pillow!

25 Jumping Jacks
20 Chair Squats
10 Pillow Push Ups
5 Bicycle Crunches

Here are some great applications to find different no equipment needed workouts on your next trip…
1) Shape Travelista ($1.99)
2) ExerciseTV (Free)
3) CrossFit Travel ($1.99)

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