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    From Jeff
    July 4, 2010

Freedom of the Fourth

Man it’s already July? I can’t believe it. Good news is that the start of July begins with a bang – at least if you take advantage and seize your independence.


No, I’m not just talking about the fourth of July Fireworks, but to runners and health walkers alike, the fourth represents the biggest race day of the year. The fourth is not only a day filled with fun festivities to celebrate our independence, but it’s a chance to burn some extra calories before we’re bombarded with barbeques.


Tomorrow, it’s going down in Atlanta, Georgia when the largest 10K in the world takes place with over 55,000 participants for the annual AJC Peachtree Road Race. With only a couple more summer months ahead of us and so many others joining in, there couldn’t be a better time to get out and enjoy a local road race.


No matter where you are there’s a Firecracker 5K run or health walk right around the corner. This year get out there and use your Fourth of July freedoms.  Below are four freedoms everyone’s entitled to:


1.  Freedom of Fitness Convenience

Race entries are easy – Mostly local, welcome all walkers/runners and you can even sign up last minute on race day, new T-shirt and all!


2.  Freedom of Motivation

Following a regular 5K schedule keeps you committed – Better yet, it keeps you on edge in sticking to any exercise program.


3.  Freedom of Fitness Fixation

Rid yourself of exercise boredom – 5Ks are a good chance to switch up the routine, boost your Vo2 max, and improve cardio efficiency.


4.  Freedom of Exhilaration

Excitement of a road race cannot be recreated – It’s one of those experiences that leaves tingles running down your spine. 


With that said, wish us luck as H3 Guests take advantage and represent Hilton Head Health at the Island’s 25th Annual Firecracker 5K.  Over 1500 participants are expected to be on hand, so tomorrow should shape up well in regards to exhilaration.  Check out H3’s 2009 Firecracker 5K participants!

H3 Firecracker 2009


We’re confiscating our four freedoms and so should you!


If you need more information to crack into a Firecracker 5K quickly, check out Active.com.  Active is the nation’s race hub for many local races.


Source: Active.com

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