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Fitness Friday: Unearth your Hidden Fitness

Did you know that in many elementary schools after Halloween and Christmas, Earth Day is the 3rd largest celebrated holiday? It is now observed by over 175 countries and is the largest secular holiday in the world with over half a billion people contributing every year. Also, did you know that Hilton Head Health’s newest pool addition built over a year ago is completely made from recyclable materials? Day-to-day our guests and staff recycle all plastics, aluminum, and paper. What is even more impressive is that our guests have now donated over 100 pairs of their old shoes to the Nike Re-Use a Shoe program, which goes to building playgrounds and basketball courts for children.

There are a number of different events going on today and billions of acts of green! In honor of Earth Day, let us H3 enthusiasts join together once more to not only think more green and recycle more often, but unearth our fitness with a quick workout highlighting the facts motivating today’s Holiday. The repetition scheme can unquestionably be recycled:

  • Glass decomposes in landfills after 1 million years.
  • Every hour Americans throw out 2.5 million plastic bottles.
  • Recycling one Aluminum can saves enough energy to watch a television for 3 hours.
  • Only 11% of the Earth’s surface is used to grow food.
  • For every ton of paper recycled we save 17 trees.
  • More than 20 million people participated in the first Earth Day in 1970.
  • CFL Light Bulbs use 30% less energy. If every house in America used one CFL light bulb we would save enough energy to power a city. 
  • The first Earth day started in 1970 and has stood strong for 40 consecutive years.

Join in today and complete a Fitness act of Green, Unearthing your hidden fitness:

1 minute of Jump Rope or line hops

2.5 minutes of Bicycle Crunch

3 minutes of Jumping Jacks

11 – Tricep Extensions

17 – Plie Squats

20 – Push Ups

30 – Mountain Climbers

40 – Power Blasts

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