• Kettlebells are an incredible workout, but they do take practice. If you want to start including them into your routine take Cheney’s advise and see a trainer. Or, schedule a training session with us during your next stay!

    From Adam Martin
    May 2, 2010

Fitness Friday: Kettlebells



Are you looking for a quick way to build lean muscle while also improving your cardiovascular fitness?  Well, Kettlebells are the answer.  While Kettlebells provide a quick workout, I must emphasize, it’s not easy!


What are Kettlebells?

An ancient Russian strength training mechanism, Kettlebells are quickly gaining popularity in today’s fitness world.  Kettlebells are round cast-iron weights with a single looped handle on the top.  They range in weight from two to over 100 pounds.  These bowling ball sized balls are popping up in fitness classes and gyms around the country. 


What’s the hype really all about?

Unlike dumbbell weight training workouts which focus mostly on a single muscle group through isolation, Kettlebell training recruits your entire body all at the same time (compound movements).  This type of training forces you to use your muscle groups synergistically – moving as a coordinated whole.  Bottom line – not only will you develop strength, but improve flexibility and cardio all at the same (shorter amount of) time!


How to get started

Kettlebell training can be tricky, so it’s best to start slowly.  In the video below, H3 Fitness Director Adam Martin, shows us the basic Kettlebell swing.  It may look easy at first, but to avoid injury, it is very important to have correct form and technique.  Make sure you start with a very light weight (or none at all) to practice the correct movements and when you feel comfortable, gradually increase your weight.


A great way to mix up your circuit routine is to add a set of Kettlebell swings.  Add a 30 second interval between your sets for a quick, heart rate pumping cardio burst.  If 30 seconds is too easy, try moving up to one minute.  If you are looking for an entire Kettlebell workout, reach out to your nearby gym for a personal training session.



Now that you know the basics of Kettlebells, you can add a little variety to your existing routine and watch as you improve your strength and muscle tone. 


Have a swinging Friday!



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