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Fitness Friday: Happy Holiday Workout

Hey there H3 Enthusiasts! It’s been awhile since we blasted a workout your way so I couldn’t think of a better time of year to get creative. Two years ago, I highlighted the 12 Days of Fitness Fun in full length workout, but today we’ve got a new twist to provide a little more holiday joy. Watch the video below and get back to us with comments as you complete it. Remember that safety is number one on any movements and smiling comes second!

Without a doubt, the true prescription for the Holiday Season is soaking in time with family, but don’t neglect your workouts just because the relatives are in town. Remember that the ultimate benefit of following an exercise plan is to impact your mood and how you feel—the non-scale victories. From the Hilton Head Health family to you all, have a great holiday season and look out for more Fitness Friday’s to come in 2013!

Complete 5 repetitions per exercise with solid form. Repeat 3x and call it a day.

H – Hollow Rock
O – Over Head Press
L – Lunges (both legs)
I – Isometric Plank Hold (15 sec)
D – Dips
A – All Out Jumping Jacks
Y – Yoga warrior I (15 sec)
S – Squats

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