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Fitness Friday: FIT Week Edition

deck of cards

Join us for Fit Week Fitness Friday! Look no further than a standard deck of cards.

This workout will start with a fully shuffled deck of cards (52 cards). All face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) have a value of 10. Aces have a value of 1. For each suite there is a designated, energizing, calisthenics exercise. (See below)

 The number cards will be face value (ex. 7 of spades = 7 squats).  Jokers are free cards, meaning the exercise is whatever you chose. Some great ideas for the joker include yet are not limited to: running a lap, climbing the stairs, etc.  At boot camp this week, the jokers valued in as 5 burpees!  Remember to be creative and have fun!

The object of this workout is to work through the entire deck of cards and within a challenging time frame.  Good luck!

Hearts =  Push-Ups

Clubs =  Mountain Climbers (*Modification – low plank hold)

Diamonds =  Up/Downs  (Jump up, reaching for the sky, land and reach for your ankles or the floor, bending the knees and keeping the weight in your heels.)

Spades =   Squats  (*Higher intensity – Squat thrust)

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