• I have the BUM part nailed!!!!

    From Lyle Orr
    August 5, 2011

  • Where are the images for 50 swims and 50 bikes?

    From Tina
    August 8, 2011

Fitness Friday: At Home Bootcamp & Triathalon Routine


Grab your goggles, swim cap, bike and athletic shoes. Get ready to participate in Hilton Head’s Annual Beach Bum Triathlon (#2).  This Saturday, August 6th marks yet another wet, sticky, sandy, heart pumping, athletic challenge and guess who will be there?… YOU WILL TOO- or at least in your efforts and spirit!

Alongside H3 staff and adventuresome guests who will be partaking in this event, Fitness Friday will inspire a “TRI” challenge of your own to complete at home. Although many of you do not have a beach, this FF “bootcamp-esque” workout will mimic a “TRI” accomplishment upon completion. Read below for details.


H3 “Beachless”  Bum Triathlon Bootcamp:


Round 1:     50 Swims (see image below)

                   50 Bikes (see image below)

                   50 m Dash/Sprint x 5 (5 times)


Round 2:     40 Swims

                   40 Bikes

                   40 m Dash/Sprint x 4 (4 times)


Round 3:     30 Swims

                   30 Bikes

                   30 m Dash/Sprint x 3 (3 times)


Round 2:     20 Swims

                   20 Bikes

                   20 m Dash/Sprint x 2 (2 times)


Round 1:     10 Swims

                   10 Bikes

                   10 m Dash/Sprint x 1 (1 time)


Click here to view PDF of alternates for swimming and cycling.

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