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Fitness Friday: “Fall” Safely into Cold Weather Exercise

Unfortunately and or fortunately for those of you not in Hilton Head, temperatures where you reside have begun to cool off.  Although, personally, the cool temperatures inspire more activity outside (kindly noting and reminding you that Hilton Head Island weather is nowhere near the frigid northern weather). The crisp air may invite invigoration, breath, and motivation to get and stay warm- but for many it encumbers the engagements of fair weather enjoyable activities and exercise.  

Therefore, in efforts to improve your comfort and safety while transitioning into the season and exercising in the cold, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends the following:

Cover your Head
Your head should be covered while exercising in the cold, because heat loss from the head and neck may be as much as 50 percent of the total heat being lost by your body.

Cover your Mouth
To warm the air before you breathe it, use a scarf or mask. Do this especially if breathing cold air causes angina (chest pain) or you are prone to upper respiratory problems.

Stay Dry
Wet, damp clothing, whether from perspiration or precipitation, significantly increases body-heat loss.

Layer Clothing-
Several thin layers are warmer than one heavy layer. Layers are also easier to add or remove and thus, better regulate your core temperature. The goal is to keep the body warm and minimize sweating and avoid shivering.

Keep your Feet Dry-
Use a fabric that will wick perspiration away from the skin. Polypropylene, wool or other fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin and retain insulating properties keep the body warm when wet.

Stay Hydrated-
Dehydration affects your body’s ability to regulate body heat and increases the risk of frostbite. Fluids, especially water, are as important in cold weather as in the heat. Avoid consuming alcohol or beverages containing caffeine, because these items are dehydrating in nature.

Avoid Alcohol-
Alcohol dilates blood vessels and increases heat loss so the odds of experiencing a hypothermic event increase. Alcohol can also impair judgment to the extent that you may not make the best or brightest decisions in a cold weather emergency. It’s best to leave the alcohol behind when you head out into the cold.

This Fitness Friday I encourage you to today and/or over the weekend adhere  to one fair weather enjoyable activity, taking to heart the tips above.  I eagerly await your comments as to what activity/ies you engaged in! Don’t “fall” out of fitness this fall, “FALL”- INTO FITNESS!

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