H3’s Basic Stretches

‘All Cars Should Have Quick Brakes’

Achilles & Calf

  • Place one foot forward and take a long, but comfortable, step backward with the other foot
  • Heels should be flat on floor, toes forward
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds
  • Bend the back knee slightly to increase the stretch


  • Stand and cross right leg in front of the left
  • The toes of the right foot are touching the floor, with the top of the right foot facing forward
  • Bend the left leg slightly to feel the stretch in the right shin
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds
  • Repeat with opposite legs


  • Place right foot forward, and take a short step back with the left foot
  • Wight your weight on your left leg, sit back into the hip
  • Extend leg keeping heel on the ground and toes pointed up
  • Lean chest toward the right thigh, keeping head up
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds
  • Repeat with opposite legs


  • Stand with knees slightly bent. Bend the right leg, and take hold of right foot with right hand (or place right foot on wall behind, if you cannot reach foot)
  • Stand straight
  • Keep knees together
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds
  • Slowly release right leg and repeat with left leg


  • Stand with legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent
  • Create a pelvic tilt by pulling abdominals in and tucking hips under
  • Extend arms to the front, clasp hands, pushing palms away from you
  • Hold 20-30 seconds


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