Deep Water Conditioning

Emphasize good posture, tall, shoulders back, not leaning forward or collapsing the chest.

Warm up

  • Slowly bicycle legs
  • Circle arms at sides
  • Easy jog
  • Wide jog (knees apart)


  • High Knees
    • Bring alternate knees up toward chest
    • Move arms at side
  • Hamstring Curls
    • Kick heels up in back (toward buttocks)
    • Alternate legs
    • Move arms at side
    • Variation
      • Hamstring curls with legs out wide
  • Suspended Jacks
    • Start in T-position (legs together and arms out to sides)
    • When legs are apart, arms move in to the center
    • When legs are together, arms move out to sides
    • Legs move opposite of arms
  • Laps
    • Bicycle forward, breast stroke arms
    • Bicycle backward pulling arms through water
    • Cross country ski, hands cupping water
    • Jog forward, arms moving at side
  • Diamond Legs
    • Bring soles of feet together
    • Bring feet toward body
    • Kick legs out to a V (legs parallel to surface of water)
  • Line Jumps
    • Start with legs together
    • Jump from front to back over imaginary line
    • Jump from side to side over imaginary line
  • Cross Country Ski
    • Start with right leg and left arm out in front of body
    • Left leg and right arm in back
    • Scissor kick legs
    • Bring opposite arm forward with opposite leg
  • Straight Leg Kicks
    • Kick legs out in front, alternating legs
    • Kick low and slow, then higher and faster
  • Bicycle Interval
    • Bicycle legs 30 seconds at easy pace
    • Bicycle legs 30 seconds at medium pace
    • Bicycle legs 30 seconds at fast pace (with good form)
  • Reverse Crunch
    • Start with legs together
    • Bring knees up toward chest
    • Push legs down toward bottom of pool
  • Reverse Oblique
    • Start with legs together
    • Bring knees up to chest and roll onto side
    • Kick legs straight out in opposite direction
    • Alternate sides

Cool down

  • Same as warm up

Stretches (shallow end)

  • Hamstring
  • Quadriceps
  • Inner thigh
  • Glutes
  • Shoulder
  • Upper Back


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