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Exercise YOUR Motivation

By: Jeff, H3 Program Intern

Note:  This is Jeff’s last week here as a Program intern at H3.  We will miss him greatly — and so will the readers of H3 Daily.com!  All of us here at H3 would like to say THANK YOU for a job well done!  Make sure to leave Jeff a note before he heads back to the ‘real world’.


There is no single universal plan for sticking to exercise or for that matter, a weight-loss program. In my experience, the best method to get us out of the reclining chair and psyche ourselves up for a challenging workout comes from within.   No one can make us tread it out each day or even draw us into a beach boot-camp, there has to be something more individually internal to a successful exercise plan.   The support of a friend or a trainer may in the end be your motivation, however only YOU can decide.


Here’s the key: find what personally motivates YOU, and cling onto it. For some of us, all it takes to start our engines is the thrill of that next road race or an inspiring pump up jam. For others it gets deeper, maybe we exercise because we want to be around for our loved ones, and at the end of the day set an example for others to live by.


We have to remember that health affects every single part of our lives and if we want to get the most out of our one chance, we must tailor our lifestyles in a healthy direction.  There will always be reasons (or excuses) why we don’t want to exercise, but let’s put it into perspective: are there FAR more reasons to be exercising? Without a doubt. Besides the many health benefits: reduced blood pressures, stronger bones, reduced depression or controlling of a healthy body weight – the reason become far more substantial to the individual.


For that reason, it seems to me that the more YOU motivation someone has the healthier they’ll be, and the easier it is to maintain an exercise program. With that said, here are a few thoughts that are sure to spark a little YOU motivation in everyone.


1.  The feelings you get after a solid workout.   After going for a long run or completing a vigorous workout it’s truly a signature exercise “HIGH.” You’ll begin asking yourself: “Man, if I feel this good now, what about after my next workout?” 


2.  Success stories. Reading or hearing about others success can be extremely motivational. Such as someone who lossed one hundred pounds or what about the guy who ran fifty marathons in fifty days!  


3.  You time. Exercise is a time to start the day off on the right foot or a good time to reflect. Your doing something good for yourself, be proud of that.


4.  Reaching the goal. Setting a goal weight or goal measurements may be your thing, or walking/running a certain amount of miles per week. Whatever the goal is make it realistic and personal.  


5.  Family and friends. Maybe YOU motivation is being able to play with our kids, or to be around for our grand children. The thought of having not only more time, yet QUALITY time can be enough drive for any exercise plan.  


6.  Fun. It’s fun to wake up in the morning and go running! Well for me and others it may be, yet create an exercise program that’s going to be fun for YOU. Whether it’s playing tennis, lifting weights or gardening as long as you’re moving.


7.  Purchasing new clothes. Hey, who doesn’t love a new saweet pair of jeans? Simply the thought of switching sizes could be what inspires YOU, if it does go for it.


8.  Entering a 5k race or longer. As I’ve mentioned before, registering for a future race and paying in advance may be just what keeps you training.


9.  A before picture. Looking back on from where you’ve come and where you are going can be motivation enough.


10.  Logging In. I believe writing down workouts and exercise accomplishments for the day is extremely important. Literally visualizing what you’ve done will help you stay on track, definitely try it!


That’s only a few ways to get and stay motivated. Another possibility is to print out a few motivational quotes and live by them, literally! Put them on your desktop or the refrigerator if that works for YOU. Remember it’s all about exercising YOU motivation so explore the options and once you find it hang on tight. All and all, here’s one quote for you to take:

“No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change.”

~Bill Phillips~

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