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Don’t get a flag thrown on your Super Bowl Party

penalty flagChances are this Sunday, while cheering your team to victory you will probably indulge in a few extra calories.  Instead of making the ‘unwise’ choices – turn your celebration into a ‘best’ situation.

 Here are a few ideas for making your Super Bowl party snacks penalty free!

–  Add spice with our Breaded Buffalo Chicken Tenders featured in Monday’s post

 –  H3 Spinach and Artichoke Dip (only 120 calories for ½ cup)

–  Make a veggie plate with H3’s tasty Ranch Dressing

–  Green Pea Guacamole and homemade Pita Chips

–  Cut a slice of our famous Lavosh Pizza – topped with fresh veggies and chicken

–  Score extra points with the delicious H3 Fudgy Brownies

 Challenge your friends to your own Super Bowl competition by holding a game of football during half-time.  Hold mini-challenges during the commercial breaks (well, the bad ones at least) and see who can do the most push-ups, jumping jacks or sit-ups during that time.  Keeping occupied while the game is on hold will help you snack less and move more.

For all of our Healthy Recipesclick here.

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